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Rates and Terms

Full HD 4K Sony F5 SXS Camera package

● Full ENG build out for camera

● Canon 17-120 CineServo lens

● 2 wireless lav mics, handheld plug-in transmitters and RE50 stick mics

● Sachtler tripod

● 3 head Litepanel Astra light kit, various LED and tungsten lights

● Scrims, silks, flags, stands, sandbags, and various grip equipment

● Macbook Pro with Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro CC, and DaVinci Resolve for edit / transfer of files

● Ram Crew Cab (seating for five) crew vehicle with Air Conditioning, Sirius Satellite radio,  California Press Photographer plates and City of Los Angeles Press Parking placard.

● Single camera operator


Billing is for 10 hours “Port to Port” This allows for about 8 hours production time, more or less, considering distance and traffic in Los Angeles County.


After 10 hours, labor billed at $85 per hour for hours 11 and 12, $110 per hour beyond hour 12 (billed in ¼ hour increments).


No mileage charge within Los Angeles or Ventura Counties, otherwise standard IRS

mileage rate applies ($.58 per mile as of 1/1/19).


Additional Equipment per day (approved by client representative before use)

● Sony Z100 HD/4K camera with tripod, time code sync, audio (for second camera or lockdown shots): $300.

Sony PVMA170 17” LED monitor: $125

● Additional Wireless Mics (lavalier or handheld): $75

● GoPro POV cameras: $50

● LiveU 500 Bonded Cellular transmission unit: $550 per day, includes 12 continuous hours air time (additional 12 hour block: $400)

● 400 Watt HMI equivalent LED lighting: $125 each

Audio Operator with full audio kit: TBD (Overtime rate TBD with individual


● Additional equipment available upon request.


Expendables / additional costs

● AA batteries for Wireless microphones included in day rate

● Edit only time: $50 per hour, (billed by ¼ hour, 4 hour minimum), $75 after 8 hours, $100 per hour after 12 hours

● HIMS supplied hard drive for uploading of video files: $100

● Per Diem for non-overnight assignments more than 100 miles from base (day trip): $40 unless otherwise negotiated

● Per Diem for overnight assignments: $75 unless otherwise negotiated

Client is responsible for all out-of-town vehicle rental charges, airline ticket and excess baggage charges and fees, hotel costs and other travel related charges

Receipts and invoices will be provided to client at time of billing


Additional Terms

● All work performed by Hart Images Media Services for clients is “work for hire” and associated files created by Hart Images Media Services while employed by client are copyrighted property of client. Hart Media Images Services will not reuse video for other clients projects excluding “file” video previously shot and specifically owned by Hart Images Media Services. At client’s request, Hart Images Media Services will keep client files on archive for a period of one week or until client acknowledges project completion, whichever comes first. Further

storage of files can be negotiated.

● Payment is due 30 days from billing date unless otherwise negotiated.

Client will provide correct billing contact information, email, phone number and physical address at time of firm booking.

● Confirmation of “Firm Booking” will be made via email or text to Hart Images Media Services.

● Cancellation: After receipt of “Firm Booking” notification, client can cancel up to 48 hours before agreed start time without incurring any charges. Cancellation between 48 and 24 hours will result in a charge of 50% of the standard day rate. Cancellation of assignment less than 24 hours will result in a charge of a full day rate, and 50% of remaining days of a multiple day assignments.

● Hart Images Media Services reserves the right to require a deposit for assignments at the discretion of HIMS staff.

● All charges in this agreement apply unless otherwise negotiated and signed by client and authorized representative of Hart Images Media Services.


All terms of Rate Card apply unless negotiated changes approved by Client and Hart Images Media Services.

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