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"Remote locations, tight deadlines, crazy demands - he dealt with all of it, always getting the perfect shot and making the interview look great, with minimal direction and a great sense of humor."

Nickie Bonner
Field Producer, CNN

Tim Hart

Hart Images Media Services owner Tim Hart has worked in print and broadcast journalism for thirty years, shooting national and international news events, presidential campaigns, hurricanes and tornadoes, and sports ranging from high school athletics to NFL, NBA, NHL NCAA and MLB championships.

"Tim is a fabulous photojournalist whom I've had the pleasure of working with for 10 years. He can do it all. Very talented, and a pleasure to work with."

Ted Rowlands

Correspondent, CNN

As a television network news photojournalist/editor/producer for 20 years, Tim is proficient at both long form news-magazine style pieces and documentaries with extensive set up, and in breaking news, run-and-gun, short deadline stories, often as a one-man-band.

Hart Images Media Services client list included ABC News, CBS News, BBC News and BBC Sport, and we have covered many high-profile national and international breaking news, sports, and entertainment stories.

Hart Images Media Services is also available for corporate and public relations assignments, utilizing the same work ethic and attention to detail.

"Tim is a good photographer and a solid journalist with a ton of experience. He is always a team player. He is smart, knowledgable, and really understands the in's and out' of news gathering and content creation."

Gabe Ramirez

Producer, CNN

Hart Images Media Services. 661-714-9869. timothy@hartimagesmediascvs

"Tim Hart is always open to do any shoot, in any situation, no matter how challenging. He has such a 'can do' attitude and always has creative ways to make shoots work even when they seem impossible."

Louisa Hodge

Reporter, KCBS

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